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A Pleasant (and Surprising) Addition to SDCC16

Jennifer Hayden’s The Story of My Tits is one of the most honest and moving graphic novels I have ever read about illness. I honestly didn’t think this niche comic would take off as widely as it has, but I can see the wider appeal of the subject matter–its subtle nod to feminism and self-acceptance (which is so refreshing in this age of body-shaming). And somehow, Hayden’s mix of grief and optimism works in ways I could never imagine–the childlike etchings that convey uncertainty, wonderment, fear and ultimately, exhilaration as she conquers and rises above the disease. So yes, seeing Jennifer Hayden’s name on the SDCC16 guest list is surprising, but deserved given her hard-earned personal and professional achievements of the past year. If I make it to SDCC16, I will congratulate her on a job well-done.


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