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Darwyn Cooke Loses Battle to Cancer

Darwyn Cooke, the award-winning artist for The Twilight Children, Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter, and DC’s Catwoman, passed away this morning at 1:30AM EST. Cooke’s wife announced it via his blog and reported by Comic Book Resources. Cooke worked as a storyboard artist for Warner Bros.’ Batman: the Animated Series and Superman: the Animated Series, and he created the opening sequence for Batman Beyond, releasing an animated short to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Batman in 2014. Cooke received the Joe Shuster Award for “Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Cartoonist” for his work on The Spirit. 

Go to the library, your local comics book store, or the bookstore to check out and binge-read Cooke, and while you’re at it, raise a toast in his honor. His talents will be sorely missed.


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